Family Dentistry Cheyenne, WY

We believe that the whole family deserves great family dentistry care, from kids to great-grandparents and everyone in between! At Alpine Dental, we can take care of patients of all ages, and take special care to make sure kids have good experiences.

Pediatric Dentistry
Good oral hygiene habits (including regular dental visits!) start early, which is why we give special attention to our youngest patients. In addition to making sure their teeth and gums are healthy, clean, and developing normally, we try to reinforce the basics of caring for their oral health that you’re already teaching them at home. This includes encouraging brushing, flossing, and eating a healthy diet. At Alpine, our dentists aren’t just doctors in white coats; instead we get to know our youngest patients so we can help parents establish healthy habits that will give their children a lifetime of benefits.

Dentistry for Teens and Older Children
Older children and teens are entering the stage of life where they start to build habits that will last for the rest of their lifetime. And yes, this includes oral hygiene habits as well. Teens especially face unique issues as they navigate puberty, which has an effect on facial structure, including their teeth and gums. As dental health experts, we understand the unique challenges that older children and teens face when it comes to oral health. We’re here to help make sure everything is developing normally, prevent problems (including planning for the removal of wisdom teeth if necessary,) and help encourage good oral hygiene habits.

Adult Dentistry
Whether through accident or neglect, sometimes adults run into dental problems, and unfortunately, sometimes these issues follow otherwise healthy people throughout life. We can help you create a customized plan for your oral health that focuses on prevention, including daily brushing and flossing, a healthy diet, and exercise (all of which can have huge benefits for the rest of your body as well.) Our team can help prevent and treat issues such as tooth decay, loss, and periodontal disease. We aim to be your trusted source for your oral health care – from cosmetic to restorative.

Dentistry for Seniors
As we age, expert our health care becomes more and more important, and oral health is no exception. The probability of gum disease and tooth loss is dramatically increased during our later years, and periodontal disease is also linked to several other serious health issues including cardiovascular issues. Our expert and compassionate team is ready to help you navigate the up and downs of oral health care as you enter into your senior years.