A dentist you’ll
look forward to visiting.

Custom cosmetic care

Ask about our cosmetic dentistry services, including braces, veneers, and take-home whitening kits.

Get a crown faster

With our in-office milling machine, crowns are ready in days instead of weeks. 

Care for all ages

Every age is welcome for regular teeth cleanings, from first-time visitors to longtime pros. 

Wait… You’ve never looked forward to going to the dentist before?

We can’t wait to be the dentist’s office that changes that for you!

In the midst of life’s hustle and bustle, it’s nice to have a place where the hardest choice you need to make is whether you want mint or cinnamon for your cleaning.

When you’re in our chair, you’ll get to recline, relax, and receive the friendliest, highest-quality dental services and cleanings in town.

If you’ve never looked forward to going to the dentist before… we can’t wait to be the place that changes your mind.

What’s different about
alpine dental?

When you get here, you’ll meet a team of people who truly love what they do—from the smiling faces that welcome you up front, to the friendly team taking care of your teeth once you get settled in your chair.

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