Family Dentistry

Getting in the habit of great oral health starts early—and lasts a lifetime! 

From first-time visitors, to longtime pros, we’re proud to provide family dentistry for patients of all ages.

What to expect from a pediatric dentist appointment

In addition to making sure your kiddos’ teeth and gums are healthy, clean, and developing normally, we like to reinforce the importance of the habits you’re already working on at home (like brushing, flossing, and eating well). 

What we look for in teens and young adults

Puberty has an effect on facial structure, which includes their teeth and gums. We’ll keep an eye out for any notable changes we see, particularly when it comes to planning ahead for removing wisdom teeth. 

What to expect from an adult dentist appointment 

Together, we’ll create a customized, prevention-focused plan for your long-term oral health, taking into account your current life stage and keeping an eye out for any risks (gum disease, periodontal disease) we notice during your regular cleanings. 

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