General Site Knowledge

About WordPress

The Alpine Dental website is built in WordPress, the world’s most popular content management system. There are thousands of developers and resources that can help you and work on your site, which is one of many advantages of having your site built in WordPress.

About Divi

Divi is a versatile and powerful WordPress theme and builder that allows you to create any type of website you can imagine… including this one!

Divi has a wide range of features, including:

  • A drag and drop page builder
  • A library of pre-made templates
  • A comprehensive set of design options
  • SEO-friendly code
  • Extensive documentation and support

If you’d like to learn more about working in Divi, click here to access an extensive library of tutorials.

What is Mobile- First Responsive?

Your site is mobile-first responsive, which means it changes its appearance to best fit the device (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) you’re viewing it on.

Keep in mind as you add content in the future: A large portion of your users are using a mobile device!

To see how a page on your site looks on other devices, you can visit BrowsterStack and paste the URL you want to view into the box. 

Custom Post Types

WordPress custom post types give you more control over the way your content is displayed and managed.

Your website has the following Custom Post Types:

  • Blog (posts)

Gravity Forms

You’ll use this powerful tool to create and manage the forms on your website. 

To access Gravity Forms user guides, click here